Why Choose Ed?

Here’s a simple list of reasons to choose Ed for your tech needs:

  • I’m fair… you’ll never hear: “I’m sorry, but that’s our policy…”
    This means if I’m cleaning a virus and see that there are some errors in the event logs I’ll fix it while I’m there. I’m fair and flexible and will bend myself into a pretzel making sure you want to tell everyone you know how great I am. ­čÖé
  • Skillset and Experience:
    I’ve worked for corporate level clients for over 14┬áyears so I have a breadth of experience that most techs don’t.┬áI’ve worked for healthcare companies, financial companies, and others that trust their expensive network equipment, servers, and sensitive data with me. In addition I’ve worked on a help desk, both as a technician, and as a supervisor. But I’m not just a geek, I’ve also worked on set for several years on independent films, so I have a unique blend of the creative and the technical that leads to outside the box thinking. I can solve tech problems simply,┬áinexpensively, and uniquely tailored to your needs. Follow my┬áLinkedIn Profile to see my experience┬á
  • My Reputation:
    Don’t just take it from me. Review my testimonials and reviews on Yelp. You’ll see that I’ve made it my mission to treat my customers like my friends and family.

Testimonials / Customer Reviews:

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Our Family has used Edward Uken several times for all of our computer needs and challenges. We find him to be un-intrusive in our home, quick, effective, knowledgeable and so easy to be around. His prices are reasonable and he is a gem. We highly recommend Edward for all your computer needs.

Kathy Finnerty (Kathy Najimy), Actress, Los Angeles, CA


Ed saved me when my external hard drive stopped working…and my laptop had already crashed.

I called around and took my drive to a few different stores but was irritated right off the bat by the upselling. Everyone said the data recovery would cost around $500 (around $300 if it was very simple) and they’d need to have my drive for roughly 5 days. Well, I didn’t have that time nor did I want to spend that much money if it were something simple.

Ed recovered all of my data and transferred it to my new laptop within 2 hours AND only charged me $80.

With all of the shady companies and IT professionals out there – who won’t tell you the real extent of their work – it’s very easy to get suckered into paying a ridiculous amount.

But Ed is honest and I highly recommend him.

Katie Grijalva, PR Professional, Los Angeles, CA


Thank you whomever recommended Edward Uken for Mac/PC repair. I have an older eMac and haven’t had it upgraded in about 4 years. Edward came to the house, picked it up and kept it for two days and brought it back better than ever. He added some memory and updated the system and software. A pleasant, reasonable and knowledgeable fellow.

Laurie Kilpatrick, Actress, Los Angeles, CA



I recently used Edward’s PC services and YES all that he is offering and claiming on the website, (almost too good to be true!) is real. Thank you Edward for being a professional and servicing my laptop. I would recommend you to anyone, with all my heart.

Adam Soch, Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA




Edward was fabulous. Knowledgeable, quick and did a great job for me. Would definitely hire him again.

April Rocha, Professional Photographer, Los Angeles, CA



I contacted Edward Uken when I was creating an Internet presentation and a DVD about a theatrical production. In the process, I encountered technical problems that I could not solve.

Thankfully, Edward Uken was able to work with me and help me resolve these problems. And he did so always in a professional, friendly, generous manner.

I know quite a few people who are experts in the domain of film and video production. Edward is among the most gifted and knowledgeable I have met. I have been very impressed with the wide range and depth of his skills.

I recommend him highly, and will be happy to speak with anyone about his expertise and diligence.

Raymond Barglow, Ph.D. Berkeley, California
www.barglow.com and www.wandertheater.org