Hi, my name is Ed :) and I’m your new computer guy

I've been working with computers ever since my Dad brought home our first Mac when I was 11 years old. Ever since I've been the go-to guy for technology related issues for my neighborhood and family friends.

I worked for an IT Consulting firm for several years, was promoted to supervisor, and ultimately decided I wanted to do business differently. I wanted to be a shining beacon for fair business practice, excellent customer service, and solid craftsmanship. I've built my business on word-of-mouth from bending over backwards to make sure I provide not only great value in my services, but a flexible customer service model that molds itself to my client's needs rather than my own.

You'll never ever hear this at my establishment: "Sorry, but that's our policy." My policy is that every client that I do business with has a smile on their face when I'm complete, and if not... it's time to work out a plan to turn that frown upside down! :-)


Areas Served

On-Site / In-Home Service:
Within 12 miles of 90027 zip code
Outside this range is an additional $25 drive-time fee

Remote Service:
Available throughout the U.S.

Cities / Areas Covered:
Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, West Los Angeles, West LA
Call or email us and we'll come to you. Areas outside 12 miles of 90027 zip code are an additional $25 drive-time fee.

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Ed The Computer Guy
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